What lies behind me has changed my life; what lies before me is to live it; what lies within me now is to share it… with you.


Hi there! I’m Sandra Kelly; a wife and carer to my chronically ill and very cheeky husband; a mother of four delightful children (a cherished one of our own and three more we chose to own and cherish) and a breast cancer survivor.

I live in a beautiful rural town nestled at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Gippsland Victoria.

Welcome to my Internet home!

I believe strongly that it’s okay to talk about not being okay…

I believe we all have a story… a story of our reflective past, a story of our hopes for the future and a story of our precious present moment.

Through the sharing of our stories I have faith that strength, resilience and hope lie within us all and are nurtured from knowing we are not alone.

The validation of my masked feelings found in the layers of others genuine truths has been a most powerful and welcomed gift of strength to be rivalled as I continue along my obstacled path.

I hope that by sharing pieces of my own story that you may find validating comfort in pieces of your own story.

Trial 2

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This space has evolved over the years into a very eclectic mix of reflection, philosophical pondering, life snippets, humorous creatures that live in my head and the occasional whine about how much I bloody hate cooking.

So I can only suggest you stick with me and see what we get…  bit like a lucky dip really but hopefully without the hollow let down!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandra  Xx

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The Introvert Effect Magazine

In this issue I share my story about not missing out on the joys of life by being introverted.  I’d love for you to check out my feature and the other contributers messages as well.







Guest Post Sunday – Sandra Kelly

Fabric Softener, Synonyms and Self-Respect.

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