Awaiting The New.



With the sting of Summer fading the warmth of still days and falling leaves symbolise stripping yourself bare of the old awaiting the new,

Relying on your insightful intuition for the foresight of compassionate self-nourishment that builds strengths to nurture and sustain you through the bitter lifelessness of Winter’s chill and internal shadows,

Then gracefully you’ll unfold to greet the rejuvenating rays of spring awakenings, allowing you to blossom into beautiful layered petals of your flourishing renewal, of whom you wish and hope such tender nurturing enables you to be.

Sandra J Kelly

I published this autumn offering of renewal two years ago here on the blog.  I was really so surprised to see that it had been a whole two years.  My winter’s chill and dark shadows of the previous two years were still invading me stinging cold to the bone.  I was ready to discard the old and embrace the new. Longing for the rays of renewal and rejuvenation to warm my bitter bones. Opening like new growth to the spring that I hoped would arrive and shower me in revitalising light reviving my dark malnourished soul.

Looking back over the past few years of writing I felt a little dismayed.  I felt nothing had changed a great deal.  Then I realised there were moments of feeling connected again; there were moments of noticing the warmth and light of those connections to people, places, things and experiences.  These moments have indeed nurtured a hope within me that has slowly been opening to the light of life over time.

Sitting here typing, listening to the birds welcoming the dawn of a new day, noticing the fog of this glorious autumn morning receding over the foothills, I realise there have been awakenings within me.  There are parts of me unfolding and opening to the light once again.

But I also accept there are days where the fog still rolls in.  It sits heavy halting my growth, feeding my internal shadows; receding slowly only after deep breath and deep intention to blow it further away, leaving it lurking and hanging just out of reach, ready to roll right on over again given the right conditions.

If only we could plan for the changing seasons of our internal lives as we do for our external survival of the seasons on this planet.  Experiencing four seasons in one day internally is exhausting mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There’s no buffer in-between; no calendar for guidance.

So once again I’ll strip myself of the old and await the new, through the bitter cold and the morning dew, until the wakening of spring, let the spring rains fall, for there is no sunshine without the duality of it all.

 What does Autumn symbolise for you?

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  1. Majella Laws says

    Poignant, but so glad you can capture those moments in time when hope flutters its fledgling wings … xo

  2. says

    Beautiful words as always. I’ve missed you! Life is such a strange beast, isn’t it, the way we can bask in the light one minute and then cast in to shadow the next. As you so rightly point out, it’s just as it is in nature, even in summer, one minute you can feel the sunshine on your face and then the sky suddenly darkens with the clouds. But life is like the seasons and it’s important to remember that winter always turns to spring. It’s the law of the universe. So even when the fog descends, remember there’s sunshine on the horizon.

    • Sandra says

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely thoughts here for me Sammie. You are so right, life is a very strange beast. It’s so nice to be missed. Thanks Sam! 🙂 Xx

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