The Uncomfortable Experience


There has been a few little things shake my little world recently that has had a big effect on me personally and emotionally. Most of these things have not come from a place of malice or damaging circumstance but from places of opinion, insight Continue Reading

Featuring Robyna May on R U OK day.

r u okay catch up

It’s very late in the day to be posting about R U OK day. But, I’m almost always running late… I drive myself nuts… and my family nuts… but they still love me anyway… even though they are NOT okay with it on ANY day, but are very used to it.  At Continue Reading

The Swaying Boots


I often come across articles of writing that make we want to hang my writing boots up on the hook to sway back and forth with honourable respect symbolising my humble admiration as I slowly bow my head and back away in awe. This piece that appeared Continue Reading

What’s New Pussy Cat?

What's up Pussy Cat

What’s new pussy cat? Woah Woah! I seriously just watched Tom Jones belt this out on YouTube. Gosh he drove the ladies wild! My Dad would often come in from the farm when I was a little girl and ask/sing me this question. I’d giggle and say “Go Continue Reading

Dead Fish and Hot Rocks


“My get up and go for life in general is tough at the moment but I’m pushing through. Think I need to go on one of those ‘airy fairy’ retreats somewhere near the seaside where a bunch of healers whack you with dead fish while chanting and dancing Continue Reading

The Things That Bind Us


Last Thursday I blogged like nobody was reading deciding to take part in the challenge over at Agent Mystery Case and I can’t believe the amazing response I have had to that post or the transformation that has taken place on my own perspective Continue Reading

Farts in a Lettuce Strainer


I had this whole post all written and sorted in my head this morning while I was in the bathroom. The running water must have been cleansing and refreshing for my creative self as well. Of course now that I have time to sit down and actually write it Continue Reading

Four terrifying words… Too many

Germany --- Yellow Daffodils in Purple Heather --- Image by © Markus Botzek/Corbis

Yesterday morning I received a phone call… A phone call from my friend’s husband… My friend’s husband said… “We just got the results… she has breast cancer”… I felt sick… I said what I hoped were all the right words, from somewhere Continue Reading